Ocean Cold is a frozen storage facility opened in 2008 in Westport, WA just minutes from the Pacific Ocean. With a fresh new look on frozen product storage and services it provides new opportunities to the area and beyond.

Highly trained personnel and state of the art inventory tracking technology means Ocean Cold can fulfill practically any logistical needs that may arise.

In addition to our technology and our highly-trained personnel, our facility and location presents a number of additional benefits and advantages to our customers:

  • Expertise in frozen and fresh seafood handling
  • Industry leading inventory accuracy and warehousing policies
  • Completely customized inventory solutions for each customer such as special reports, policies meeting customer specifications, and flexible hours
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Online 24/7 access to customer information such as inventory levels, documents, and reports
  • Multi-temperature capabilities including multi-zone segregation of products
  • Availability of skilled and inexpensive labor for any sized custom work project

Facility Details

  • 95,000 sq ft Facility
  • 1.8 Million cu ft. freezer storage
  • 9,000+ pallet positions
6 Truck Doors
Adjacent processing space
Enclosed refrigerated dock
  • Two temperate controlled rooms with the capability of -30º F ( -34.4 ºC)
Blast freezing capabilities of more than 400 tons per day
State-of-the-art energy efficient refrigeration system
On-site generator backup power for entire facility.


Deep water vessel loading/unloading nearby • Seafood vessel loading/unloading nearby • 2 Hours from Tacoma
 • 3 Hours from Seattle
 • 3 Hours from Portland
 • 15 minutes from rail services.


What types of products does Ocean Cold store in its facility?

Dungeness crab, Pacific whiting, anchovies, sardines and other fish products.

Does Ocean Cold store anything besides seafood?

Currently we do not, but we are constantly looking to expand our breadth of expertise into other areas/products.

Does Ocean Cold perform any other services?

Yes. We also have processing capabilities for a host of food products. Everything from re-packaging to value-added services such as breading can be performed on-site.

What differentiates Ocean Cold from other cold storage facilities?

Our location is unique in that we are the closest facility of its kind to the open sea, saving fishing vessels time and expense needed to navigate to other “inland” storage facilities. We also have clear and demonstrated technological advantages through our partnership with Datex.

What advantages does Ocean Cold provide to the Ocean Family?

Ocean Cold is distinctly unique in the frozen seafood industry. Through the use of our integrated operations we can provide our customers with true end to end solutions. Customers can purchase products processed by the Ocean Family and retain storage of those products inside Ocean Cold’s facilities until they need to take delivery. This can greatly reduce a customer’s freight, re-warehousing, and storage costs.

How much product is stored at Ocean Cold?

We are capable of storing 20-25 million pounds of product at any given time and we average 100 million pounds of inventory turn annually.

What percentage of Ocean Cold’s products are in the Ocean Family?

Currently approximately 75 percent of our storage is utilized by Ocean Gold Seafoods. The remainder is divided between a number of other seafood companies and local fishing vessels.