Ocean Companies August & September Employees of the Months

We may have been slacking a bit with these updates, but we still want to make sure that we honor those employees that put in the extra effort and achieve employee of the month.


August – German Leon Diaz


Diaz is an outstanding worker and has been a part of Ocean Companies for many years. His work ethic is contagious. He inspires others to work just as hard as he does. He is always on time, rarely missing a day, and putting forth hard work makes him the perfect example of a hard working, dedicated employee who we wish to honor with the employee of the month status for August.


September – Sherwin Phillips


Throughout his time as a QC Tech Sherwin has shown the desire to learn new things, leadership when he has been responsible for making decisions, and always willing to work any day at any time. These qualities make him a great asset to Ocean Companies QC department. With that, we would like to honor Sherwin with the employee of the month status for September.


Congratulations to the both of them for their exemplary work at Ocean Companies