Ocean Express is the latest member of the Ocean Companies family. A trucking division built to primarily serve the needs of the Ocean Companies up and down the West Coast and into Canada. With a fleet of more than 10 trucks, Ocean Express handles both short and long haul drives that include fish, fish waste, fish meal, and maintenance supplies for our companies and our fishing fleet.

The company launched in the spring of 2010 with plans to eventually expand service to surrounding businesses.


Why does the Ocean Companies have its own trucking division?

We handle a lot of fish and need to move a variety of seafood product – sometimes on unpredictable schedules. When the fish comes in, we go. It made more sense for us to control that process internally so that the quality of our delivery as well as the quality of our product could be better controlled.

When did Ocean Express launch?

We launched Ocean Express in the spring of 2010.

Where do most of Ocean Express trucks deliver?

The majority of deliveries are made up and down the West coast, from California to Canada.

How can I apply for a driver’s position?

Simply download the Ocean Express Driver’s Application HERE, fill out the necessary information, and send it back to us through the following methods:

  1. Email – Scan and email the completed application to swatson@oetrans.com
  2. Fax – You can fax the completed form to (360) 538-7272
  3. In person – You can deliver your completed application to us in person at:

Ocean Express

518 22nd Street

Hoquiam, WA 98550