Ocean Gold Seafoods has the highest volume capacity for processing fish on the west coast. We can execute any cut for any species with an hour’s notice. Our operational and infrastructure costs are monitored closely so that we can ensure that we pay our fishermen a competitive value for the product they deliver to us and we can provide our customers with quality product at reasonable prices.

Geographically we have a distinct advantage. The fish are here. Plus we are close to the sea in a deep water port allowing for vessels of all sizes to easily navigate to us, saving them time and fuel costs otherwise needed to get to other processing facilities on the coast.

We are proud to be a part our state’s history of fishing that has lead Washington state to be ranked in the top ten of all U.S. commercial fisheries by volume. We are even more proud of our hometown of Westport that with a population just shy of 3,000 is still the 11th largest port for edible landed catch in the nation making up nearly 50% of all Washington state commercial fish landings.

We began literally as a crab shack on the docks of Westport. And while our facility has grown, we still keep the old dock office intact to remind us of our history. That same homespun, small town culture still is a big part of how we do business. We are involved with our local community through civic organizations such as the rotary and chambers of commerce, and we routinely look for ways to support our local fishermen and their families by donating our products, time and finances to a variety of local community events and fundraisers.

While we are locally focused, we have global reach. Nearly 70 percent of our product is sold overseas in markets such as Russia and China. As we look for new ways to expand both our international and domestic markets, we continue to pursue our growth with a keen eye on maintaining good jobs, clean oceans and strong communities.

We want to Keep Grays Harbor Fishing, for today and for generations to come.


What types of seafood does Ocean Gold Process?

Dungeness crab, sardines, Pacific whiting, and tuna. We are always looking at the possibility of bringing new species into our processing facility and are currently exploring the potential of additional groundfish species.

Does Ocean Gold have a live market?

Currently we do not. We strictly process fish for the wholesale market in the bulk fillet, whole or sectioned crab, or head and gut (H&G) packs.

When is the fishing season?

Our season typically takes off in late April to mid-May and we run through the fall and into the winter for our Dungeness crab.

How many people work at Ocean Gold during the season?

We typically employ up to 400 people during our peak season.

What kind of jobs do you have?

There are a lot of important jobs in processing fish. From working the processing line and providing maintenance assistance, to forklift and high-lift operators.

Where does Ocean Gold sell most of its product?

Our markets are primarily international in eastern Europe and Asia. Our marketing partner, Pacific Seafoods, manages the sales piece of our business.

Where can a consumer find Ocean Gold products?

We sell domestically to Costco and Walmart and some of our Pacific whiting is sold under the Kroger brand.