Ocean Protein is the only fishmeal processing plant in the state of Washington. Located in the town of Hoquiam, it averages 4,000 MT of meal, 670 MT of oil and 80 MT of bone annually since its opening in 2005. The company began as a sister company to Ocean Gold Seafoods in order to pursue both technological and sustainable industry innovations.

Committed to full-utilization of our precious resources, the Ocean Protein company transforms “trash to treasure” – taking fish waste that would otherwise be discarded at sea or shipped out of the country and turning it into products that are used in aquaculture; livestock feed; and, pet food.

It’s products are shipped to both domestic and international markets and bring an economic boost to the local economy of Grays Harbor County, hiring roughly 25 workers during the peak season.

The company has recognized that its efforts to achieve its goals of enhanced environmental sustainability, community development and local jobs has its challenges. Chief among them being the challenge of containing and limiting odor which is a natural byproduct of fishmeal processing. In its early days, it struggled to make the industry’s then-current odor control standards fit the unique needs of a community where industrial and residential lines are so closely drawn. But in cooperation with regulatory agencies such as the Olympic Region Clean Air Agency (ORCAA) and the Department of Ecology (DOE), Ocean Protein has committed more than $5 million in advancing new odor control technologies.

That dedication lead the DOE to state in a 2007 report that Ocean Protein was utilizing “the best available” technology for odor control. And the company continues to add more enhancements to its processes to ensure that the benefits it brings to the community are not outweighed by any negative repercussions of its processes. In addition to the state-of-the-art Air Phaser technology, Ocean Protein continues to research innovative odor control solutions.


What kind of products does Ocean Protein make?

Ocean Protein takes fish waste left over in the processing of food and turns it into fish meal, fish oil, fish soluble and fish bone products. These products are used in aquaculture feed; livestock and pet feed..

Where does Ocean Protein sell the majority of its products?

Both domestic and international markets are eager for Ocean Protein’s quality fishmeal, oil and bone products. The majority of its sales are in the US and Canada.

How is fishmeal made?

Fish remnants are essentially cooked similiar to how one might cook a roast. Just as a roast leaves “juices” in the pan, so too does fish in the cooking process. This “juice” is then processed to remove the oil from the liquid. The liquid is then processed to recover all the remaining proteins to produce the fish meal and fish soluble products.

Why is Ocean Protein located in Hoquiam?

The Ocean Companies explored a number of locations for its fishmeal plant before it began converting the old Rayonier Vanilin plant into Ocean Protein. Ultimately, the company was attracted by the proximity of the location to its processing facility in Westport (20 miles west) and the ability to keep its economic and community impact in our hometown of Grays Harbor County.

Doesn’t fishmeal processing create a powerful odor?

Yes, it can. Which is why Ocean Protein has invested more than $5 million in odor control technologies become one of the leading edge companies for odor-control innovation in the world. When the plant started in 2005 with what it believed was state of the art odor control technology, it received hundreds of complaints from neighbors. Through concentrated investment, diligent research, and innovative development, the company has been able to secure a positive role in the community, even being named “Business of the Year” in 2008.