The Ocean Companies represent four distinct companies: Ocean Gold Seafoods; Ocean Protein; Ocean Cold; and, Ocean Express. But we share a common vision.

Keep Grays Harbor Fishing.

What does Keep Grays Harbor Fishing mean?

In a word, everything.

Fishing is more than a business to us. It’s a way of life. It’s downright impossible to find someone in Westport who doesn’t have something to do with fishing. And as one of the largest employers in the county, it’s hard to find someone in Grays Harbor who doesn’t know someone who’s worked with us. So it’s not just about growing a company. It’s about preserving our culture.

In that light, we believe that together, the Ocean Companies need to make it our purpose and mission to Keep Grays Harbor Fishing.

And we believe the way to achieve that is threefold:

Good Jobs
Clean Oceans
Strong Communities

Our business focus is funneled through these ideals. Our day-to-day decisions are made based on whether they will achieve one or more of those goals in our focused vision to Keep Grays Harbor Fishing.