Weather and Marine Activity
Canadian Weather Office Marine Forecast: Latest information about winds, waves, weather and visibility from the Canadian weather office.
POGHWestport Marina: Port of Grays Harbor provides a great source of useful information on the Westport Marina, Washington’s largest fish landing port.
Marine Traffic: Live updates on vessel positions. View passenger, cargo, tanker, high speed craft, tug, pilot, yachts and others. Anchored or underway.
National Weather Service • Seattle: Complete weather and sea condition updates with live satellite imagery and links to any advisories/alerts.
Radio Fax Charts: Sea surface temperatures; Satellite imagery; and marine forecasts.
Satellite weather imagery: Unisys weather 12-hour loop of infrared satellite imagery.
Sea Surface Temperatures: Color enhanced versions of the SST fields archived at the National Climatic Data Center.
Storm Surfing: Weather Model – North Pacific Jet Stream Wind and Pressure.
storm surfStorm Surfing: Wave Model – North Pacific Sea Height.
Environmental Resources
WCSWashington CoastSavers: An organization actively engaged in saving Washington’s Pacific Coast from the harm of marine debris.
Grays Harbor Marine Resources Committee: Information that educates and promotes the involvement of our citizens in coastal marine issues and aims to close the gap in scientific data about our local marine resources.
Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary: NOAA’s official website for Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary.
Regulatory Information/Organizations
Pacific Fishery Management Council: The Pacific Fishery Management Council is one of eight regional fishery management councils established by the Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act of 1976. With jurisdiction over the 317,690 square mile exclusive economic zone off Washington, Oregon and California, the Council manages fisheries for about 119 species of fish.
Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act: The Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, commonly referred to as the Magnuson-Stevens Act, is the primary law governing marine fisheries management in the U.S. The law is named after Warren G. Magnuson, former U.S. Senator from Washington state, and Ted Stevens, the former Senator from Alaska.
WA Department of Fish and Wildlife: The WDFW is dedicated to preserving, protecting and perpetuating the state’s fish and wildlife resources. The department operates under a dual mandate from the Washington Legislature to: Protect and enhance fish and wildlife and their habitats; and, Provide sustainable, fish- and wildlife-related recreational and commercial opportunities.